The shift in Recruitment trends

14th February 2018 · Kevin Howes

The shift in Recruitment Trends due to technology

The shift in Recruitment trends


For a while, Recruiters have used to same traditional methods of sourcing talent. Filtering through CV’s and using networking sites, in particular, the online directory for professionals LinkedIn. New advanced technology along with a shift in attitudes and expectations has Recruiters looking for the perfectly trained candidate.

Candidates are now also becoming more aware of their employability and are expecting much more from companies than previously before. Candidates of specific skill sets demand top salaries, job benefits and companies to challenge them in their work. In this modern day in age, candidates also expect faster learning of new skills and additional support in their professional and personal objectives.

Employee Diversity

Companies are making diversity in a candidate a top priority when looking for new talent to join their team. This is especially applicable in the technology, entertainment and government industry. Many organisations are investing in new technology in order to increase diversity within their creative culture. The use of artificial intelligence to screen CV’s and using software for the rewording of job descriptions to identify exclusionary language will aid the diversity of the hiring process.

Artificial intelligence

With the development of Artificial Intelligence expecting to hit in 2018, this can assist with the hiring process for many reasons. This will ultimately reduce unconscious bias by eliminating the candidate focus on age, gender or race, instead heavily focusing on skill set. Artificial intelligence is going to reduce time screening CV’s. Suitable candidates will be identified and contacted in an efficient manner.

Continuous learning

Employees are becoming more aware of the ever-changing developments in the workplace. Therefore, a company who offer continuous learning for a role is recognised as more beneficial. This also increases employee engagement.  Not only does offering these new opportunities attract top talent, but they also provide a sense of company culture, ensuring that the company stays up to date with the industry and is adaptable to growths in the business.


Recruiters have to sell a job to a potential candidate. With so many opportunities around, what makes this one the right one for a candidate? Recruiters will have to learn what is important to the candidate to ensure they are providing them with the best opportunity possible. With more data available, Recruiters are able to tap into the lives of candidates to gain more information about them. Candidate requirements will be tailored to them, therefore Recruiters will have to be rejecting a one size fits all approach.

Recruiters will be able to use technology to look deeper into the talent around and ensure smarter decisions are made during the hiring process. Technology is ultimately going to speed the search for the desired candidate. However, only the authenticity of a Recruiter will ensure the deal is closed.