The Female Boss

8th March 2018 · Kevin Howes

The Female Boss

The Female Boss


In honour of International Women’s day, we thought we would celebrate the victories women have accomplished through their social, cultural, ethical and commercial achievements. Who better to choose than one of our directors Claudia Lawrence.

Claudia’s commercial journey commenced post University at the age of 21. As an enthusiastic grad, she attended her first interview at a Reading based recruitment company where due to her motivation, work ethic and want she was offered the position on the spot. After seven weeks of employment she soon took advantage of the recruitment model where effort equals reward and climbed the ranks to develop her career.

Within a blink of an eye she had become a Principle Contract Consultant and was taking home a six-figure salary breaking in house records on route, notably Claudia was the first women to join the company’s ‘Millionaires Club’.

After seven years, at the age of 28, Claudia joined Kevin Howes to develop what is now IT Talent Solutions Ltd. Fourteen years on, Claudia now splits her time between managing the direction of IT Talent and managing three children.

Although Claudia’s initial plans were to establish an income and explore post graduate travel, the hard work she demonstrated in her career resulted in her never leaving the recruitment industry due to the rewards and opportunities made available based on her results. This journey highlights that dedication and commitment to thrive and succeed can achieve many things.

On such an inspirational day for women it is imperative to highlight and be reminded that working hard and achieving in all aspects of life is key to self-empowerment. Hard work and commitment applied to most things will allow young women to become independent, confident and achieve in all walks of life.

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