Doing your research before an interview

23rd March 2018 · Kevin Howes

Interview Preparation

Doing your research before an interview 

Going for an interview can be daunting at the best of times. Doing your research on the company beforehand will ensure peace of mind that you are knowledgeable of their culture and aware of the basics of the establishment. As many interviewers will ask the question, “What do you already know about the company?” it is best to research information that is available.

A great place to start would be looking up the company’s website. From this, you are bound to find basic information on what they do and their core values. The ‘About Us’ page will provide insight into the company’s journey and objectives.

The website will also provide information on the location of the company. From this, you can map out your journey and decide on the best route, giving yourself plenty of time to prepare for any potential risk of delays. The website may also provide information on any international companies that exist within the company. This will indicate the direction of the company and its growth plans for expansion.

Being aware of the team you are interviewing to become a part of is crucial, also knowing how big the team is. It is a good idea to see if the company’s website has a ‘Meet the team’ page.  With social media becoming increasingly popular over the recent years, you are more than likely to find the person you are looking for on at least one of the online platforms. Especially the online directory for professionals and organisations LinkedIn. This question can be saved for the interview, however, if you can access that information beforehand, best to be prepared.

It is always a good idea to look up the company’s competitors. Through doing this you can ensure you know the differentiating factor between the businesses, also who you will be working to compete against. In an interview, this will also show your greater understanding of the industry as a whole.