Calling in the experts on your job search

20th April 2018 · Kevin Howes

Calling in the experts on your job search

Calling in the experts on your job search

There are multiple contributing factors as to why using a Recruiter will ultimately ensure your job search flows as smoothly and efficiently as it can. If you have never used a recruitment company before and are unaware of the benefits they can provide you with, we have listed the positives of allowing a recruiter to offer support in finding your perfect role.

Off the market opportunities

Although there are now various jobs sites surrounding the internet, providing you with current roles that may be available, recruiters have an insight into opportunities that do not make it to the market. Recruiters have connections with clients who prefer to not advertise company roles on their website or through other media. Therefore, by relying on job sites and various media, you are limiting yourself from being selected for direct applications.

Saving you time

Looking for a new job can be very time-consuming. Through allowing a recruiter to do that work for you means you are ultimately saving a lot of time and taking the burden off your shoulders.

Specific market knowledge

Each consultant has a specific market knowledge. Therefore, the sector in which you require work will mean that they are experts in the field. The recruiter will have a firm knowledge of their patch and the opportunities available. Recruiters also develop strong relationships with their clients and understand the need from both sides, to ensure no time is being wasted on the wrong candidate in the wrong role.

Understand the role in more detail

When looking for jobs on a job site, the description can tend to be very brief. Using a recruiter will ensure you will have a better knowledge of the role as recruiters are able to liaise with their clients and understand the requirements in more detail. Feeding this information back to a candidate will support them in tailoring their CV to fit the required role.

CV and Interview advice

Recruiters want to support their candidates through their entire process. They can offer CV and Interview advice to ensure you have the best chance of standing out to the client. Recruiters can provide in-depth advice before the interview and will chase a client for any feedback there may be afterwards.

Offer packages

Many candidates will feel awkward directly negotiating offer packages with a client. For a recruiter, this is part of their role. They will ensure you receive the best offer suited to you, securing your place within your future role.


Thinking about using a recruiter to assist you with your job requirements? With offices in Reading and London, get in contact today. At IT Talent, we dedicate our time to finding the perfect role for our candidates. We understand that every candidate has their own requirements, and our end goal is to find their ideal job where they feel best suited.