Five tips for writing your perfect CV and Cover Letter

25th October 2017 · Kevin Howes


Your CV and cover letter is the first thing an employer will analyse about you. Spelling and grammar is absolutely crucial at this stage.  58% of employers will immediately dismiss a CV if it has any typos.

Here are five useful tips in helping you to achieve the perfect CV and Cover Letter.  Ultimately giving you the best chance of smashing your initial job search.

  1. Spell Check

All Microsoft Word programs have access to spell check which will highlight incorrect words and grammatical errors. This also offers the accurate spelling replacement for the word. This feature on spell check also provides alternative words which may be better suited.


  1. ‘Read Aloud’

Microsoft also has a ‘Read Aloud’ feature which will read the text aloud, giving you the opportunity to recognise any words that are pronounced wrong due to incorrect spelling or grammar.


  1. Grammar check

There are also a lot of online programs which analyse a piece of text and highlight any grammatical mistakes. For example, Grammarly, Grammar checker, Ginger.


  1. Online Proof Read

After reading your CV over and over, your eyes will no longer be made aware to obvious mistakes. Here is where an online proof reading program may become helpful. It will automatically detect any faults that you may have missed. For example, Fiverr.


  1. Friends and Family Check

This is a fresh set of eyes which is useful to ensure the most important pieces of information are included in your CV or cover letter.


However, if any of these techniques are not accessible then proofreading for yourself is always an option. There are three simple steps to this. Firstly, print out the document. It is easier to read off of a printed text rather than on a computer screen. Secondly, start proofreading at the end of the text and read backwards. This will ensure you are carefully paying attention to each word at a time. Lastly, read the text in small parts and out loud. This will help you to recognise any mistakes.

When looking for a job you only get one first impression. Make sure it’s an excellent one by ensuring all avoidable mistakes are corrected.