How to attract digital marketing talent in today’s market

3rd February 2023 · Kevin Howes

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In today’s digital age, having a strong and knowledgeable digital marketing team is more important than ever.

With the right hiring process, you can ensure that your company stays ahead of the competition in terms of marketing and brand recognition.

But finding the right talent can be a challenge. Here are some tips for how to hire digital marketing talent in 2023.

Be clear on what you need

Before looking for digital marketing talent, you must know what skills and qualities you need for your team. Similar to defining a target audience for a campaign, you must ensure your job post resonates with the right candidates. 

What qualifications do they need? What level of experience would benefit you and your team members? Do you need a digital marketer who manages marketing campaigns? Or an email marketer that handles all in-house comms?

An open position is an opportunity to reflect on what gaps your marketing agency has that hiring a digital marketer could resolve.

This will help you create an effective job description and ensure that you’re only attracting candidates who are qualified for the role.

For instance, if you’re looking for someone who can develop marketing strategies across multiple platforms, that should be clearly stated in the job description. Knowing what you need will also help you narrow down potential candidates quickly.

Use your network

Having a strong network is one of the most effective ways to attract digital marketing talent. Get on social media platforms like LinkedIn and follow potential candidates who already have their finger on the pulse of digital marketing trends.

If there’s someone you’d love to hire but don’t yet know how to reach out to, try reaching out through mutual connections first. You can also attend networking events to meet potential candidates that you feel would be a good fit for your business.

Make sure your company is up to date

When potential candidates see what makes your company special, they’ll be more likely to consider joining you.

As such, ensure that you have an up-to-date website and social media presence. Your platforms should highlight who you are as an organisation and how you stand out from the competition. 

If you want to hire a marketing manager that can launch a campaign, you need to ensure your own digital marketing channels reflect that too.

And remember, if your job post specifies you want someone with experience with certain tools, be clear that you use them on your platforms too.

Offer a competitive salary

One of the best ways to attract top talent is by offering a competitive salary package. Even if money isn’t the primary motivator for someone considering a new job, it still plays an important role when making decisions about career moves.

Make sure your salary package is attractive enough to attract talented professionals looking to advance their careers with a reputable company.

How do you judge a competitive salary?  Firstly, research and benchmark the salaries for digital marketing professionals in your area. 

Secondly, ensure that you’re offering a salary comparable to other companies. We recommend tools such as GlassDoor or TotalJobs, which offer free salary benchmarking statistics.

Include a range of benefits

With more companies offering work-from-home options and employer branding being a bigger pull than location, benefits are a must. 

It will be no surprise that job benefits have increased tenfold since the pandemic, and companies must do more to attract talent than ever. 

Consider offering flexible working hours, remote work options, competitive medical benefits and other perks like gym memberships or food stipends.

These benefits show potential candidates that you value their well-being and can make all the difference when attracting the best talent.

Highlight your company culture

For many professionals, company culture is just as important as salary when making career decisions.

Why is company culture important? It’s what sets you apart from your competitors and makes working for your company more attractive.

When creating job posts, mention the values you uphold as an organisation and how that reflects on the workplace culture. This can include information about meeting norms, professional development initiatives and how you encourage employee creativity.

When looking for top-tier digital marketing professionals, emphasise the following:

  • Inclusivity
  • Meeting norms
  • Benefits
  • Perks that come with working at your organisation
  • Professional development initiatives
  • How do you encourage creativity
  • Ongoing support and training

This could include flexible hours, remote work opportunities, or generous vacation policies. All of which can go a long way toward convincing someone to take the job with your organisation over another.

Be clear about the hiring process

Nobody likes surprises, especially when it comes to applying for a job.

When looking for digital marketing professionals, ensure that you include details about the hiring process in the job post. Give an outline of what will be expected from them during the recruitment process and how long it will likely take.

This way, potential candidates know what to expect, and any surprises can be avoided.

Will you ask candidates to take a test?

Will you require them to provide work samples?

These are all important details that must be included in the job post. Ensure they know what’s expected of them, and the time they’d need to invest in the interviewing process.

Additionally, let your candidates know when you will contact them and inform everyone as soon as a decision has been made. Doing this will show respect for their time and effort.

How you hire digital marketing employees needs to be a thorough, well-thought-out process. Recruiting talented digital marketers can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible!

By focusing on what skills and qualities you need from potential hires, creating an attractive salary package, and highlighting your company culture during recruitment, you can attract top-notch digital marketing talent to join your team! With these tips in mind, finding the perfect candidate shouldn’t be difficult!

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