How to retain digital marketing employees in 2023

3rd February 2023 · Kevin Howes

How to retain digital marketing talent in 2023


As the digital marketing landscape continues to change, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to retain their top digital marketing hires.

But what are the best practices for employee retention? This blog post will share tips and tricks for how to retain digital marketing talent in 2023.

Define your company culture

A clear company culture is key to improving employee engagement. 

What defines a company’s culture? Culture is generally defined by two things, systems and behaviour. 

For example, the internal process for signing off a social media plan is a system. Not tolerating shouting in the workplace is a behaviour.

Ensure your company culture is consistently communicated so that behaviour aligns with your company values. This can be in the form of company-wide meetings or discussions with your digital marketing team

Do you offer remote working?  Clarify your expectations around flexibility and how employees should communicate with you.

Offer competitive salaries and benefits packages

Make sure your benefits are attractive to your digital marketing talent. This is paramount if you want to stop your best employees leaving their jobs.

Offering competitive salaries and benefits packages is one of the key ways to retain top talent. 

Top employee benefits include:

  • Flexible hours
  • Flexible annual leave
  • Free food and drink
  • Training and development
  • Paying for a professional subscription
  • A good working environment
  • Life insurance
  • Wellness packages

Provide opportunities for career growth and development

Providing career growth, and development opportunities are an important retention strategy to attract and retain the best team members. 

Career growth and development include:

  • Providing clear one-to-ones about progress
  • Highlighting areas employees could improve that would benefit the company
  • Show clear paths to promotions and career goals
  • Offer employees the chance to try more advanced work
  • Ask managers to offer mentorship to employees to achieve goals

By helping employees realise their career goals, managers can encourage successful employees to stay with the company. 

Encourage a healthy work-life balance

Cultivating a work environment that fosters work-life balance is essential.

One of the most common reasons for high employee turnover is a lack of work-life balance. It is important to create work environments that allow employees to prioritise work and life outside work.

This can be achieved through initiatives like flexible work hours, encouraging work breaks, and work-from-home options when appropriate. 

Setting these boundaries may increase long-term productivity while providing employees with the necessary breaks to recharge mentally and physically. 

Be transparent with communication

Transparency is essential for managers in ensuring employee job satisfaction and retention. 

When staff members have not been informed about changes happening within the company, it can lead to a lack of trust.

To combat this, managers should prioritise providing employees with accurate and timely information on important decisions. 

This practice will help foster a culture of open communication – creating an environment where everyone feels their work is valued.

Appreciate and recognise employee contributions

Retaining staff is a crucial part of running a successful business. Rewarding employees for their hard work is one way to ensure job satisfaction. 

Appreciating and recognising employee contributions forms the backbone of any successful organisation. You motivate employees, build trust and create an environment of job satisfaction. 

Showing appreciation through recognition also promotes a culture of collaboration, encourages job performance and reduces burnout. 

As digital marketing managers, it’s essential to recognise the importance of appreciating employees.

Ask employees how they’d improve the company

Strong employee motivation and engagement are essential for creating successful digital campaigns for digital marketing agencies. 

One way to indicate respect for employees’ perspectives is to ask how they would improve the company. 

This demonstrates to staff that their opinions and contributions are valued, leading to improved job satisfaction and motivation. 

Conduct exit interviews to understand why you aren’t retaining staff

It is crucial to understand the main reason why staff might be leaving your company. Exit interviews provide a crucial opportunity to gain first-hand feedback from departing employees. 

Analysing this data will give managers the information needed to make informed decisions about improving the company going forward. 

Taking advantage of exit interviews is key for digital marketing managers looking to retain staff effectively.

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