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How to manage and retain network engineers

31st March 2023

  As businesses evolve and the need for expert network infrastructure grows, having a team of knowledgeable network engineers becomes paramount to success. Yet, though they are essential to your company’s operations, many managers struggle with how to manage and retain network engineers. From brainstorming competitive compensation packages to fostering an engaging workplace culture, formulating […]

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6 tips for attracting network engineers in 2023

  If your organisation is looking to hire network engineers in the near future, there are a few things you can do to make sure you attract the best talent. We’ve compiled 6 tips based on our experience as network engineer recruiters for attracting network engineers in 2023. Keep your job title and description clear […]

How to retain digital marketing talent in 2023

How to retain digital marketing employees in 2023

3rd February 2023

  As the digital marketing landscape continues to change, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to retain their top digital marketing hires. But what are the best practices for employee retention? This blog post will share tips and tricks for how to retain digital marketing talent in 2023. Define your company culture A clear company […]

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How to attract digital marketing talent in today’s market

  In today’s digital age, having a strong and knowledgeable digital marketing team is more important than ever. With the right hiring process, you can ensure that your company stays ahead of the competition in terms of marketing and brand recognition. But finding the right talent can be a challenge. Here are some tips for […]

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How to hire a developer: 12 skills to look for

Hiring the wrong web developer can cost you up to around £30,000, according to a recent study by Oxford Economics. Recruiting the wrong web developer can mean your website uses outdated software, isn’t built to current SEO standards or isn’t even responsive.  All of these errors can compound to make your website difficult to discover […]

hire a prgrammer

How to hire a programmer: 12 competencies to look for

2nd February 2023

The cost of hiring the wrong programmer can soar to as much as £50,000. One wrong recruitment decision can seep into everything, disrupting your software launch date or update schedules and sales forecasts.  It can even negatively impact your entire team’s morale and productivity.  In contrast, a great programmer can save time and money by […]