Automation In Recruitment

25th January 2018 · Kevin Howes


Automation in Recruitment


Automation and artificial intelligence are developing and progressing every day. For recruitment, this is suggested to be an invaluable development in technology. Recruiters will no longer be spending valuable time on tedious tasks when they have the ability to use advanced technology to streamline them.

Machine learning will enable recruiters to work faster, smarter and more efficiently. Automation into Recruitment will ultimately introduce automated candidate ranking. Recruitment has been introduced to artificial intelligence which is already making data-informed hiring decisions. This is providing recruiters with the extra time to keep their focus on finding the best talent to build a successful team.

Recruitment Consultants spend a considerable amount of time screening CV’s, looking for the appropriate qualifications and skill sets of an individual. 88% of the CV’s a recruiter will receive for an application are considered to be unqualified for the current position available. A recruiter will also spend collectively 23 hours screening CV’s for a single job placement. With these all in mind, automation is going to significantly change the way a Recruiter spends their time. Also, the hiring time of a candidate will be faster due to the automation being able to pull out the correct candidates for a position quicker than a recruiter.

Recruiters will no longer have to spend time dedicated to spreadsheets when they could be making better use of their days meeting up with respected candidates. Machine learning will present a better strategic, data-driven endeavour, allowing Recruitment Consultants to source a greater and more valuable volume of candidates.

This automation revolution is going to require Recruitment Consultants to adapt to their ever-changing technology surroundings. Companies may need to offer further training and development to be able to familiarize with the new automation. Hiring managers will also need to evaluate their expectations with regards to a candidate’s skill set and qualifications in order to facilitate this new skill-based approach to recruitment.

However, nothing is going to substitute a Recruiters ability to recognise an individuals want, personality and motivation to succeed in a role. Automation may develop further to recognise characteristics, but currently that is sourced and identified by the brilliant skill set of an excellent Recruiter.