Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better – Recruitment Agencies

28th January 2015 · Kevin Howes

A lot of Recruitment Companies pride themselves on the number of staff they have compiled into their various offices, as if that is correlative in regards to the company’s attainments. But size doesn’t always equate with the quality of the service provided (right lay – dees?); what can the smaller recruitment agencies offer that could be lacking elsewhere?


Here, at IT talent, we have just 22 consultants, spanning across two offices in Reading and London. And whilst we’re certainly still looking to expand within our realms, we are simultaneously conscious and reserved about becoming ‘too big for our boots.’ A Boutique – style Recruitment service, limited to our niche specialisms (rather than trying to conquer millions of departments), is just much more ‘us’, and there are numerous reasons for why.

Companies with a larger staff body have been shown to have very little employee retention. Such a high turnover of staff means that clients don’t often have the same point of contact, jeopardising long – lasting and well – respected business relationships. Clients, quite rightfully, get weary when passed from department to department and recruiter to recruiter.

Moreover, a reason for why a lot of new starters in Recruitment leave within a short time frame is because they feel a lack of support when it comes to training. We, on the other hand, employ a ‘buddy’ system, whereby you are assigned both a sales and non – sales buddy to consult accordingly, parallel to a thoroughly organised training protocol. Furthermore, our directors sit on the sale floor with you, sharing their wisdom and setting an example by instilling confidence and morale. We understand that Recruitment is knowledge. If companies want to connect and succeed, they need the right people, not the right amount of people, to push that. Whatever the business or company size, it is the right skills and knowledge of Trainees, as well as the economy and availability of jobseekers, that’ll drive them to brilliance.

Again, although we have a substantial array of clients upon our database, we work hard to not overwhelm ourselves with the masses; fewer clients means more undivided attention and time can be spent on each individual placement, which provides for an astounding and more personalised experience for all of those involved. There are still plenty of candidates and clients to choose from, but the emphasis on each is that they are high in quality. In this way, it is also a lot easier for us to be capable of changing our terms and clients, permuting to particular clients’ requirements, in comparison to larger Recruitment Services. We have greater internal flexibility to respond to market changes, problems and challenges and an agility in our innovation and approach.

Many reports circulate on how smaller, Boutique agencies, such as ourselves, are able to fill the gaps that the larger agencies fail to do, primarily by offering a much more tailored service not just to their internal staff by putting in the time to accustom their unique learning, but also to clients and candidates. This is why we stand out. This is why we are appraised for talent; by name and by nature. Further, it is evident in wider technology, and indeed within the evolution of the IT industry, how smaller works better.

old tech vs new tech

Then again, it could be argued that the size of the company isn’t the issue at hand, but the culture in which they deploy to their staff. If it’s down to how the recruiter works, how they manage their time and how they build their people, then you needn’t worry; we’re entirely qualified there, too. And this is made obvious and patent in our various client testimonies and our mounting, sterling reputation.

– Shonagh Phillips, Communications Manager