Showing The Love For Our Customers; Building Business Relationships

14th February 2013 · Kevin Howes

Some agencies emphasise profit over people. While profit is –unquestionably – a fundamental requirement for any successful business, we prefer to emphasise the value of people.  It is they who build strong business relationships and who deliver an effective and high quality service.

Success can be measured by profit margin but it is built on business relationships, relationships that develop into lucrative, loyal and rewarding partnerships.

Strong business partnerships are the key to success in the competitiveness of the current market. Valentine’s Day got us thinking about the crucial components of valuable business relationships; are they really that different from the necessary attributes of a compatible romantic union?

 ‘Open, attentive, responsive’!

As with any relationship, be it personal or professional, to be successful it must be mutually beneficial.  At IT Talent we work hard to build long lasting and fulfilling relationships with both our clients and our candidates.

Our clients’ needs are as diverse as they are evolving. So we tailor our services to meet their requirements and cater to their different specifications. Additionally, we make it personal.  All consultants are expertly trained in their individual vertical markets. This ensures a single point of contact for a specialist and streamlined process.

We take an identical approach with our candidates. Everyone’s a potential customer and the line between candidates and clients is becoming increasingly blurred. Similarly, not every candidate is the same, even if they share the same skill set! With individual aspirations and motivations it is important to listen. This may seem counter intuitive (especially in our industry), but it pays to take the time to recognise top talent in individuals.

Testament to our success in building valuable relationships; repeat business accounts for a minimum of 70% of our recruitment operations.  So never underestimate the power of business relationships or the importance of conversation; it’s what builds our business and fuels the fire of our success.