Can Social Media increase your chances of landing the role?

8th October 2018 · Kevin Howes

What is it about LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that seems to boost job prospects?

With the ever-evolving parameters of social media, the way in which people and organisations communicate is simultaneously progressing. Individuals need to be informed of how social media can be implemented not only to find jobs but also to shape their online presence and effectively convey their abilities and skills. There is an increasing demand for employees to be digitally literate in the business environment; so it is crucial that recruitment and educational facilities evolve and adapt to provide candidates with basic digital and social media skills to enhance their opportunities.

Connecting with Recruiters
There was once a time when networking generally meant standing around awkwardly, attempting to make small talk with people who can in some way have an impact on your career. To our content, the advent of social media has almost diminished this process. Now it’s simple to “Follow” and “Like” and “Connect” with influential moguls in your specific industry. This may be to seek advice, inspiration or ultimately raise your individual presence. It’s certainly an effective platform for those seeking jobs to take complete advantage of. The majority of recruiters tend to accept these requests as it ultimately increases their database of prospective talent. It additionally allows the opportunity to message them directly should you seek further information on the recruiter. This can sometimes also expose you to insider information or statistics that increase your chances.

Your Exposure to Vacancies
With the rising utilisation of social media amongst the majority of recruiters and 39% of employers, it is inevitable that candidates using these platforms will discover more vacancies in their overall job search. Regardless of whether a role is shared by someone on Facebook, Tweeted or posted on LinkedIn, you are opening yourself to a much broader environment. This would be particularly effective if you ‘follow’ your favourite companies and recruiters. There are various methods of narrowing your search by customising your feed and setting up lists on such sites. Logically, the more jobs you apply to, the greater your opportunities.
It is important to consider that not all job opportunities are advertised across social media or online. Recent research has in fact claimed that 70% of jobs never get advertised. These are particularly, high profile/ senior positions which tend to be filled by word of mouth or existing connections. In order to enhance your chances, it’s vital to widen your network by using social media to interact with valuable contacts, as well as participating in relevant discussion. These actions ultimately increase your visibility and allow you to be identified by employers.

Additional Information
It is a continuous struggle for candidates to remain unique and stand out from the crowd, but let’s face it there’s only a certain extent you can add to your cv. This is where social media becomes your best friend. By using these platforms to visually reflect your additional attributes and personality; which can effectively strengthen your application. This therefore requires your professional platforms to be up-to-date and accurate.

In conclusion, these platforms and networks are proven to be a highly efficient mechanism to increase your presence and indicate your capabilities for the role. With several recruiters now using LinkedIn as the initial screening process, it would be in your best interest to embrace all things social media.