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Five tips for writing your perfect CV and Cover Letter

25th October 2017

  Your CV and cover letter is the first thing an employer will analyse about you. Spelling and grammar is absolutely crucial at this stage.  58% of employers will immediately dismiss a CV if it has any typos. Here are five useful tips in helping you to achieve the perfect CV and Cover Letter.  Ultimately […]

Work or Education post A-Levels

17th August 2017

Today is the day when many young people will be tearing open envelopes in the hope of good grades and judging by the stats of rising grades we should see a few more smiles in our local bars this evening. Top A-level marks in England and Wales have risen for the first time in six […]

How to perfect your Linkedin profile to help find you a job

17th July 2017

When used correctly, Linkedin can connect you with employers and recruiters and give your job search the boost it needs Linkedin is the biggest social media platform specialising in business and employment. Almost every UK company has a linkedin profile, and many use the website to find potential candidates. What’s more, recruiters browse through the […]

Remote Working – The Benefits and Drawbacks

17th May 2017

  For those who spend most of the week in the office, those who work from home can inspire envy. With the commute being the walk from the bed to the desk and the dress code being at best extremely relaxed, it’s hard not to be jealous of those who can do their job from just […]

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Tips for Your Job Search – From a Recruiter’s Point of View

24th January 2017

Advice on finding a job is readily available, but it all tends to say the same things. Here are some tips that you might not have heard, from the point of view of a recruiter. Know what you are looking for Understanding exactly what type of job you’re seeking is vital. Without a specific idea […]

A Force To Be Reckoned With – Interview Tips

12th January 2016

IT Talent’s interview tips will make you a force to be reckoned with! When it comes to interviews, one of the best words of advice is preparation. The better prepared you are the better your chances of getting the job. Interview preparation can be broken down in a few key steps. RESEARCH Your school days may […]