Challenging Industry Stereotypes

11th February 2013 · Kevin Howes

Despite an increase in regulations governing the recruitment industry there continues to be reports of unskilled and unethical recruitment operations repeatedly tarnishing sector reputation.

But to what extent is this vitriol justified?

One of the perennial challenges facing our sector today is communicating the integrity and quality of our service in a rapidly expanding industry with no barrier to entry. With over 100,000 recruiters operating in the UK alone is it just a case of a minority giving the majority a bad name?

The IT Talent approach: IT Talent is proud of its commitment to responsible business practices and dedication to raising the standards of professionalism. In order to ensure we follow through with our promise to provide a high level of service our actions are governed by our Company Core values: Honesty, Integrity, Communication, Fairness, Respect and Professionalism, along with our extensive CSR programme integral to company culture.

How do we guarantee a service defined by responsible business practices and integrity? In order to deliver a service that stands out we ensure our consultants are highly trained and possess strong market knowledge. This guarantees comprehensive solutions for our clients. Our CV 2:1 ratio (industry standards 5:1) confirms the success of our approach, maintaining our company promise to clients that we don’t just send CVs, we send the perfect person.

Communication, interaction and engagement: We operate a ‘why lie’ policy, prioritising honest, open and communicative engagement with both clients and candidates, building trust and making it immediately tangible.

Our APSCo membership demonstrates our commitment to quality standards and upholding our credibility and reputation. APSCo’s commitment to raising standards aligns with our aspirations to reject the mediocrity that perpetuates our industry’s reputation and to grow our company in revenue and calibre.

Additionally, setting up a quality management system helps to ensure quality in an industry where quality is largely unpredictable. The ISO 9001:2008 sets the standard for our Quality Management system to ensure that we are consistently increasing efficiency and providing a higher quality of service throughout.

A helping hand: Recruitment is a people industry: people are our most valued asset and great talent is our highly valued product. Our Investors in People accreditation helps to certify our commitment to our employers and our dedication to providing for our candidates and listening to the needs of our clients. When you make investments in securing accreditations for your business – in addition to recognition – it presents the opportunity to look at your business objectively and better the quality of your service.

Listen: We monitor our feedback closely, if on occasion there’s any discrepancy we take it on board and make the necessary changes to improve our service. Because that’s what we are, a specialist service, serving the requirements of our clients and serving the employment needs of our candidates, and it is important for us to be recognised as a business that invests in providing a high quality service defined by integrity and best business practices.