A Day In The Life Of A Recruitment Consultant

19th January 2015 · Kevin Howes

Interested about being a Trainee Recruitment Consultant, but want to know more of what the role consists of? We ask Idris, currently a Recruitment Consultant and Winner of ‘Most Improved’ at our December 2014 Awards, who has advanced through the process himself.


Hello, Idris!

Good morning! Eurgh, this coffee is cold and weird.

Excellent … So, is there such thing as a ‘typical day’?

Almost every day involves sourcing clients and placing candidates, subsequently communicating with both throughout the course of the day. But my to – do list is always dependent on how the day’s events unfold. Anything can happen, making my job very versatile and rather exciting. You’re never sure who you’re going to hear back from; there’s certainly some personalities!

What would you consider to be a good day in your role?

A good day occurs when I place the most deals and make money for the company and for myself! A bad day usually consists of people falling out of agreements after they have been placed, which is irritating but also just a side to this business. The hours are long and the workload is pretty heavy, but nonetheless, the good enormously outweighs the bad. You get out exactly what you put in.

How would you summarise the Recruitment Industry?

Challenging and competitive, but captivating and rewarding.

What advice would you give somebody entering this profession?

Endeavor to learn your market as quickly as possible. Don’t be afraid of the competition; surpass it. Ask a lot of questions and maintain a proactive attitude. I was advised: ‘Be good to recruitment and recruitment will be good to you’ which is so true; the harder you are prepared to work, the more that you reap the rewards – they’re there for the taking!

What do you enjoy most about working at ITT?

The camaraderie mostly; everybody here works and socialises closely. In particular, the work trips definitely help to bring everybody together, as do the opportunities you’re given to progress, and quickly. Compared to other recruitment companies, there is a drastically different vibe here; IT Talent are genuine, supportive and dedicated.

 fdgh  photo 2

19/01/15 – TODAY’S AGENDA:

8.00 am Start work. Large cup of tea! Read over the weekend’s emails.

8.30 am Morning meeting – agree agenda and priorities, plus possible training session. Look at job boards posted up last night.

9.30 am Make urgent calls. Research potential clients and conduct market research.

10.00 am Call potential clients to introduce the consultancy and its services. Contact clients to make them aware of hot new candidates who meet their current requirements. Follow up leads from conversations.

12.00 pm Quick Krispy Kreme doughnut and coffee run. Write job advertisements.

1.00 pm Feeding time at the zoo! (Take it in turns to stick around just in case a contact calls.)

2.00 pm Work on those likely to result in placements soon. Look for new CVs on job boards.

2.30 pm Screen more candidates. Schedule evening calls to ‘uncontactable’ candidates.

4.45 pm Make urgent client calls.

5.00 pm Have a peek on LinkedIn for anybody looking for work. Update the client database with relevant information.

5.15 pm Take a debrief from a candidate who has been at an interview in which you organised.

5.30 pm Team Meeting – go over the events of the day with my managers/team and discuss the next steps for the vacancies I’m working on.

6.00 pm Candidate meetings at our offices.

6.30 pm Candidate calls.


– Shonagh Phillips, Communications Manager