My First Week at IT Talent

7th November 2017 · Kevin Howes

Before my first week at IT Talent, I was employed in retail as a sales assistant. Wanting to further challenge myself and grow a career, however still wanting to peruse an occupation in sales and customer service as this is what I found a passion for, I looked into recruitment. I had no previous knowledge of what recruitment was or how it worked. After researching the field, I came across IT Talent who specialise in recruitment based within the IT, Technology and Digital sectors.


After going through the interview process, I was thrilled to be offered a position as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant at IT Talent. Upon starting my first week, I was nervous as to what my day to day role would entail as I gathered from my research that recruitment is a very fast paced and a time dedicated job role.


On my first day I was given training and able to talk to other Recruitment Consultants who had been through the same process as myself and built up careers within the business. This was extremely helpful as I gained a further insight about what was to come. Kevin, the Managing Director and Ben, the Reading Sales Manager, supported me immensely by listening in on my telephone calls to successfully qualify my candidates. Everyone is always happy to help if I ever need any advice.


I am expanding my knowledge and learning about a new sector. When I first considered recruitment it really appealed to me and so far is fulfilling my expectations. I am always excited to better myself and improve where I can and the encouragement from everyone at IT Talent is great.


I always want to do new things and further challenge myself and I am solidifying my knowledge in qualifying candidates. I feel as though I have settled in really well on my first week and the whole team have made me feel really comfortable. I had the opportunity to visit the London office at the end of my first week and had the chance to meet other IT Talent Recruitment Consultants and get to know the whole team.


It was inspiring to be in an atmosphere where the whole team got together to celebrate their achievements and be praised for the great work everyone does here at IT Talent.