Incentive day out: Shooting and Drinking

1st August 2017 · Kevin Howes

Incentives are very important to us here at IT Talent and we have announced our latest treat for our staff. A full day of indulgence incorporating breakfast, clay pigeon shooting, lunch, a cocktail class and finishing in a friendly bar discussing the day’s exciting events.

An incentive is designed to motivate and reward our staff whilst maintaining a professional and focused team that ultimately deliver on our clients wants and needs. It’s amazing what a Gin cocktail can achieve in the business and recruitment world.

Here at IT Talent we know the importance of recognising our employee’s hard work and rewarding them with a special incentive to ensure the success they bring to the business continues to thrive. These special treats awarded to the team members here at IT Talent also encourages employee bonding as individuals who love what they do and who they are surround by, are stimulated every day to be the best they can be. It is also a chance for the team to take a day out of their fast paced daily routine to enjoy some special treatment.

Recognising good work in our employees, we feel provides them with a voice to be heard and lets them take ownership of their work. Praising good work where the employee knows and recognises that they have a purpose, gives them an opportunity to grow their career at a personal level. Keeping our team motivated and ensuring that every day they come to work is an enjoyable day is very important to us to ensure the prosper for success is maintained at its high standard.

Some of the past incentives that our employees here at IT Talent have enjoyed include mini holidays away to Marbella and Barcelona, lunches at Michelin star restaurants and Millionaires Club.

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