IT Talent Team Building

12th January 2015 · Kevin Howes

When you think of work teambuilding exercises, you immediately start deciding what sort of fatal ‘accident’ you’re going to have to avoid it. ‘Bring – an – object – that – describes – you – to – work – day’, singing along to a tambourine whilst handing hands in a circle, and a Health and Safety – regulated version of Twister are amongst the stereotypical horrors. Fortunately for you, that is absolutely not our style …



At ITT, we value every individual and the professional success that they cooperatively bring to the company and recognise just how dedicated and hard working our employees are. Moreover, we encourage a pleasurable and social aspect to run simultaneously alongside work. Thus, it is our belief that our staff deserve more than an Egg and Spoon race across office corridors.





Go karting, paintballing and poker weekends are only a few of the organised trips we have undertaken as a group so far, but we are always open to new, invigorating suggestions!

When working to create a solid culture of teamwork in any organization, there is a need to establish trust and familiarity among team members. This begins with learning to communicate effectively and appreciate teammate strengths. What better than to test this out, let loose with paint guns?! That sense of unity is a powerful feeling to relish, and is available to those who inspire cohesiveness and a commitment to building teamwork through experiential activities. Furthermore, such experiences improve attitudes, reduce stress and enable employees to focus on collective team goals.

If your current placement looked dismal before, it certainly does now, and if you needed reconfirmation that this is the career path for you, this is only but one of the reward schemes that we offer. Join us!


– Shonagh Phillips, Communications Manager