‘It’s Not Just A Game …’

21st May 2013 · Kevin Howes

… Was the mantra running through our minds in preparation for Sunday’s recruiter football tournament in aid of children’s charity, ChildLine.

Now a yearly fixture hosted by recruitment trade body APSCo, the 7 a side tournament consisted of 48 teams battling it out for football supremacy.

Proving we’re ahead of the competition – and there’s nothing more competitive than 48 teams of testosterone fuelled* recruiters chasing after a ball – we sailed through the group rounds and made it all the way to the final for the 2nds cup.

Team Talent

Recruitment as an industry is fiercely competitive, with countless agencies out there fighting for clients’ business and exclusive representation of the best candidates. How do you come first in an industry saturated with organisations offering a similar service?

We like to think of our competition as healthy rivalry; a benchmark by which to better ourselves to ensure that we keep on winning, staying ahead of the game by being efficient, effective and innovative in all that we do.

Sunday’s event was demonstrable of our team’s collaborative approach, working together towards a common goal (excuse the pun). The synergy of our employees combined with motivation and ambition is what gives them the competitive advantage.

This was our debut as Team IT Talent. Despite the unfavourable odds pitted  up against more seasoned teams, our keenly competitive nature and urgency for success ensures we beat our competition – not just on the pitch – but in the market place too.

*(Ok, so there were a couple of girls teams there to add a semblance of hormonal balance!)