Learn, Discuss, Enjoy:

4th November 2013 · Kevin Howes


… Three desired outcomes of any networking event. As an agency operating with such a specialised skill set focus, providing our candidate communities with insightful and market relevant knowledge is essential.

Last Friday saw the second instalment of the Talk Java series; a networking and knowledge share meetup for Java enthusiasts held at the Google campus, featuring presentations from Java specialists and open floor discussions, as well as networking opportunities for attendees.

Talk Java serves to provide participants with market insights, the opportunity to meet with like-minded professionals and on-hand assistance from our consultants.

Following feedback from attendees at the previous event to incorporate the buzzword of the moment – Big Data – the presentations looked at the role Java plays in the increasingly prominent worlds of Big Data and Mobile Technology.

Do believe the hype …

With programming and developing abilities topping many employers’ sought after lists, professionals with a strong knowledge of Big Data (Casandara, Hadoop) and Java technologies can command attractive salaries, making the acquisition of new skills a desirable step for talented Developers.

Aligning with the consultative component of market focused recruitment, the key topics of the presentation and open floor discussions covered:

  • The demand for Big Data professionals
  • Big Data jobs available on the market
  • How necessary is Java?
  • The use of PIG
  • The transition to Big Data
  • Skill enhancing qualifications for aspiring Developers
  • Key sectors currently implementing Big Data

Facilitating engagement with candidate talent pools, Talk Java simultaneously offers a forum for curious technologists to meet like-minded professionals, learn from expert speakers and discuss the market..all while enjoying pizza and beers!