Meet Our Riders!!

6th September 2013 · Kevin Howes

With the charity bikathon looming, meet our four fearless cyclists; pushing themselves to the limit to raise money for the Lily Foundation.


Dan ‘The Man’ Safe

  • Can juggle
  • Rugby playing sensation
  • Inter-rail enthusiast
  • Phenomenal weight-strength ratio (apparently…)
  • Once broke his collar bone, bruised his ribs and lost a tooth after crashing his bicycle into a parked car! (Encouraging)

James Bike2

James ‘Like The Robin Hood Character’ Littlejohn

  • He can’t juggle (though he does enjoy a good skip now and again)
  • Resident know-it-all
  • Reddit addict

Kevin bike2

Kevin ‘The Chief’ Howes

  • Believes he can juggle (family – wife – cycling event!)
  • Adrenaline junkie and motorsports nutcase
  • Oldest of the group and perhaps a little over ambitious!

Brian Bike2

Brian ‘Mr Afrikaans’ Pyle

  • Snowboarding fanatic … (that’s it really!)

Chris Bike3

Chris ‘You Can Call Me Sir Brailsford’ Harrow

  • Studied at the same University as Sir Dave Brailsford MBE, CBE. (1990-94).  Off the record, Sir Dave was heard to have slurred after a late night out, 8 pints and a chicken madras later : “ I owe the success achieved with Team GB and Team SKY to Chris who laid the foundations of the ‘Marginal Gains’ principle at Chester in the mid 80s.  His bike building skills are legendary!”
  • Once cycled back from Putney to Reading one sunny morning on a 3 speed ‘Sit up and beg’ bike with a wicker basket on the front to save the train fare!
  • Has a valid driving licence with zero points and intends to keep it that way (nice to know as our chief Winnebago driver!)

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