New Year New Career

28th December 2017 · Kevin Howes

New Year New Career

With 2018 just around the corner individuals will make the courageous decision to change their careers and take on new adventures. Christmas is now over for another year and it is time to start thinking about our New Year resolutions and the challenges we might be facing this year.

What a better time to start fresh in a new career. To ensure that you will find the perfect engaging and exciting role, we’ve got a few suggestions on how to prepare yourself for finding the ultimate dream job and have a smooth process along the way.


  1. Updating your CV- Ensure that your CV holds all the information that is relevant.

  • Identify the right personal details to include
  • Know what to include in the skill section
  • Mention former jobs
  • Include your qualifications
  • Tailor it to the application of job your applying for
  • Add a personal statement


  1. Registering with a Recruitment Consultancy-

    They will already have knowledge of the market and be aware of companies recruiting. Their job is to help assist you with your job search and ensure that you’re in the perfect position.


  1. Meeting your Recruitment Consultant-

    This is ultimately giving you a better understanding and knowledge of the roles available to you. Your consultant will ensure that you are portrayed correctly. This will also provide you with the opportunity to receive advice in regards to interview preparation.


  1. Online and Offline job search and networking-

    Ensure that your social media profiles are appropriate for potential hiring managers that want to find more information about you. You can also find hiring managers and companies via social networking.


  1. The interview process-

    Remember that there will be an interview process for the roles you will be applying for. Bear in mind that if you are already in employment you will have to schedule a time to attend interviews.


  1. Your notice period-

    Have knowledge of your notice period in your current role in order to leave. You don’t want to be giving the wrong notice period out to future employers.