Newbies: A Month’s Reflection

9th April 2015 · Kevin Howes

We asked our new starters, Josh, Yasmina and Bobby, to comment on their experience thus far as their first month milestone working for IT Talent nears.

I thought ‘Python’ only existed in the wild!



How would you describe your experience at ITT so far?

J: I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve met some great, inspirational people from all walks of life who have helped me find my feet and made me feel very welcome. Thank you, all.

Y: Enjoyable! I’ve benefited from working with and learning from fellow team members. It’s been challenging at times but with the right guidance, I was able to overcome those challenges.

B: Great! There’s a lot to take in and digest, especially from a technical perspective but with time and dedication, it should all become second nature. It was never going to be an overnight operation!


Is it what you expected?

J: Yes, plus “some!” Some days can be tougher than I anticipated but the good days outweigh them.

Y: It’s what I expected and more!

B: To be perfectly honest, I was quite apprehensive and nervous about starting, albeit simultaneously looking forward to it. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, having not come from a sales background. I could only take relatives’ advice whom have more industry – relevant experience than I, which encompassed of: be confident, be a sponge and absorb as much as you can from seniors, and grow a thick skin fast. It’s quickly become very apparent that if you dedicate yourself and show a willingness to learn, the management will in turn actively dedicate their time to you.


What has been asked of you within your first month?

J: I was expected to fit well within the office, learn database basics, gain experience calling clients and candidates and research some technology terminology.

Y: I have been given the task to concentrate on our Human Resources market. Cleansing the HR list of clients on our database has been my main focus.

B: For the first few weeks, you’re pretty much given free reign on the phone. This involves listening in to calls and grasping the protocol of conducting successful conversation and generating the essential information that you require. You’re given a long list to canvass and are tested on your ability to engage with people. It really practices your confidence on the phone, subsequently allowing you to swiftly build new business.


What would you say you have learned or developed so far in this short time?

J: I have learned a lot about programming languages, most of which I’d never heard of prior to working here. I thought ‘Python’ only existed in the wild! However, I have mostly developed confidence speaking to people appropriately over the phone.

Y: I’d say the most vital thing I have learned so far is how to get through to the main decision maker in each company that I contact, with speed, proficiency and polite conduct.

B: A lot! Every day is still somewhat of a school day or learning curve. From a technical perspective, I’m focusing most of my spare time on learning all about my chosen market (PC and Network Support.) I am currently developing skills in overcoming common objections faced on the phone, with help from my fellow team members.

Having just left the army, I love it more than I could’ve imagined.


How would you sum up the office environment?

J: Fun, professional, good banter.

Y: Vibrant. Also, everybody is welcoming and happy to help/share their professional experiences. The training offered has been personable and has especially taught me a lot about the vertical markets and patches that are relevant to my role.

B: Considering I’ve never worked within an office environment before, having just left the army, I love it more than I could’ve imagined. It beats working outside in the cold and rain every day! Coming from an organisation that is massively fixated with team work and work ethic, it was important to me that I matched myself to a company that appropriately endorsed this sort of environment. The guys in my office are friendly and offer much comical value, as well as constructive criticism. I encourage this and have made sure that everybody feels that they can be brutally honest with me; this was drilled in to me in the Army and remains to be the way that I fulfil my full potential.


Does this work culture differ to any previous positions you have held?

J: I previously worked in food retail management … so, YES!

Y: Definitely. I worked in recruitment before ITT, but a solid, happy work culture was not as well enforced or delivered there as it is here.

B: Absolutely. This is totally different. Although, I feel that coming from a military background has put me in relatively good stead.


What are you most looking forward to in upcoming months?

J: Making money!

Y: Bringing in new business.

B: My first proper deal! And formally meeting the Reading team, as I am based in the London office.


Keep up the productivity, guys; you’re doing extremely well!


– Shonagh Phillips, Communications Manager