Placing IT Candidates

25th February 2013 · Kevin Howes

The role of the recruiter – albeit a complex one – can be summarised in the following phrase:

‘Providing transformative solutions to our clients.’

At IT Talent our solution, the transformative solution, is in placing highly skilled and expertly qualified IT candidates. In the last few years employers have acknowledge a lack of available talent. It is this shortage of outstanding talent which clients cite as the prevailing barrier to reaching their business objectives. Nowhere is this shortage of talent more strongly felt than in the IT industry. It is our role as an agency to satisfy these complaints and supply niche, hard to find skill sets to meet clients’ demands. Proactive approach to the problem: Good recruitment agencies are defined by their reactive and proactive approach, something which distinguishes them from their in-house counterparts. As previously discussed in an earlier post ‘Candidate sourcing methods are changing…IT Talent stays ahead of the game’,  providing an outstanding service requires outstanding candidates. And finding outstanding candidates – who not only possess the required skill sets but fit company culture effortlessly – requires a specialist process. The reality is that everybody is available for work. It is the role of our recruiters to go beyond our growing database and vast social networks to seek out passive candidates. This is achieved through building relationships with our talent communities, investing in the latest industry technologies and equipping our teams with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed. As a dedicated agency we provide 24/7 commitment to the acquisition of outstanding IT Talent, offering the time and resources that in-house just don’t have. It is this that enables us to classify our process as a specialist one. The war for talent Competition for top talent is pervasive and there is certainly an element of ruthlessness which infiltrates our industry. But the war for talent doesn’t need to be a battlefield. By becoming market specialists and emphasising engagement we differentiate ourselves from substandard services – who don’t know their Java from their JavaScript – and achieve exclusivity with highly skilled candidates. As sector specialists we can be sure to deliver a proficient service, supported by our connectedness within the industry and fulfil our promise to help our clients reach their business objectives.