My Promotion at IT Talent

16th November 2017 · Kevin Howes

I joined IT Talent in March this year, having had no previous recruitment experience. IT Talent specialise in recruitment for the IT, Digital and Technology sectors which was something that appealed to me as I am aware that this is a large and ever evolving sector.  I knew recruitment was going to be a fast-paced industry, however I wanted to reach my full potential and push myself to the maximum that I could be.


I worked at IT Talent for eight months as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant where I began learning the foundations of what it means to work in recruitment. As I grasped and mastered this knowledge, my Manager and Consultant, Diarmaid, started to focus on my weaker points. For myself, that was making sure I knew how to deal with clients and pull roles effectively. The training manual IT Talent provided has been invaluable in helping me achieve. This, alongside the support I received from fellow Recruitment Consultants, has resulted in myself pulling two requirements in as many weeks since my Promotion. The help and guidance provided by IT Talent has clearly had a strong impact and worked incredibly well.


Through my training, through asking questions and using others around me, and working underneath Diarmaid, I was really successful as a trainee and continually reaped the rewards. In my best month as a trainee, I did seven deals alongside Diarmaid and took home a commission of £1000 on top of salary. This was excellent motivation as it was not only incentivising me to keep working hard in my role, but also proving that the work was worth it.


I am really thrilled to have been promoted to a Recruitment Consultant and with my ongoing career at IT Talent, and will keep working hard and smart to ensure my and the company’s success in the future.