Recruitment in 2018

19th January 2018 · Kevin Howes

Recruitment trends in 2018 are going to be more innovative than ever as technology continues to make extensive progress. We have sourced out some recruitment trends that you might notice in 2018.

Remote Working

Flexible working is something that future employees want and recruiters are pushing for. A study showed 58% of people believe that having remote working encourages motivation. 70% of people even suggest that having flexible working as an option when applying for a job ultimately makes the role more appealing. Generally speaking, employers have also seen results from allowing remote working as they believe that it leads to a better working life balance and encouraged staff.

laptop recruitment


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is becoming more popular in the recruitment process. Companies such as Facebook, Google and Apple are all competing against each other in the virtual reality and augmentation market. Therefore development is expected to be rapid. With the aim that candidates can view their potential future company through the virtual reality, ultimately providing a more realistic perspective.

Social Media

Millennials are moving up the career ladder, and with that comes their natural capability of technology in particular, social media. Social media is replacing traditional methods of company searches. Millennials will now search for a company’s social networking site to gain a better reflection of the workplace. Furthermore, this also means recruiters are able to tap into social media to source out candidates and target potential applicants.

Social media- recruitment


Data Compliance

Due to the new General Data Protection Regulation which will effectively take place in May, compliance for companies to clean up their data systems and ensure they are following the GDPR in regards to having access to personal data is crucial. Of course, this with respect to recruitment is going to mean a lot of changes to maintain databases to ensure recruitment is following the new regulation.

Mobile Technology

With many recruitment websites still not enhanced for mobile devices, this is problematic for the recruitment industry. As mentioned before, shaped by technology Millennials will be browsing the internet using their mobile devices to search recruitment companies.

mobile data/ recruitment


Companies are becoming more generous with their benefits. Additionally, employers are also recognising talent within their company and rewarding it with amazing incentives and extra training and development.

Recruitment Candidate Care

With recruitment growing, candidate care is especially important. Candidates are not likely to use a recruitment company again if they received poor service the first time around. Loyalty, honesty together with communication are especially important in this competitive market.