Recruitment Myths

15th January 2015 · Kevin Howes

Each industry has its stereotypes, whether they’re warranted or not, and Recruitment is not exempt from this. People have many misconceptions about what being a Recruitment Consultant in general actually involves. Luckily, we are here to put things straight.


“Recruitment Agencies promise lots of commission but don’t deliver it. They just say that to get you on board.”

FALSE. Well, false in the context of IT Talent. As a trainee, there’s a tailored commission scheme but once you’re fully qualified as a Consultant, commission is very much in your hands. Furthermore, commission is uncapped, meaning that the money really is there for the taking! How hard do you want to work?

“They often promise incentives to go on lavish holidays, but for unrealistic targets.”

NOPE. Sorry, I could barely hear you over all of this Las Vegas traffic! Total nightmare! I’d pass you on to my colleagues but collectively, they’re in Monaco, Amsterdam and Paris … Sorry about us.

“Recruiters sell people into jobs they don’t even want.”

FALSE IN OUR CASE. Admittedly, some recruitment agencies will place people just for the sake of it; the ‘Round Peg, Square Hole’ conundrum. But at IT Talent, we are committed to delivering quality. That is not to say that our Consultants aren’t favourable to being able to place candidates in a timely and efficient manner, but we match people based on qualification and desire. After all, placing people into the wrong jobs will only cause us more work in the long – term, and we want our candidates and clients to receive the most positive experience as possible. We meet your specific requirements every time, or do our best to advise you as to your personal, realistic options. The more information that you can give us, the more likely we are to find a job for you that fits just right!

“Recruiters are ruthless and intrusive.”

MOSTLY FALSE. Yes, recruiters do try their best to get hold of you and ask lots of questions. However, we are only doing this if we feel adamant that we have a brilliant opportunity to share with you, consequent to you displaying interest in trying to get a new role. If you are not interested, we will not be offended; just let us know.

“It’s all cold calling and telesales.”

NOT STRICTLY TRUE. Certainly, a lot of what we do is over the telephone and office – based, but we still have to venture out into the world to meet clients and candidates for interviews, as well as network with prospective business contacts. Based on the reality that most people will have had a nuisance call from a recruiter at some point, this misconception is semi – understandable. However, professional recruitment firms know only too well that this approach will only serve to turn candidates and clients away and, consequently, the very best recruitment consultants will succeed by building close relationships with their contacts in a consultative manner. Besides, come 7pm, it’s pub sales – woo!

“But I don’t know how to be a Recruitment Consultant. What if there isn’t adequate training?”

NO NO NO. We don’t see the point in dropping Trainees straight in the deep end; we prefer allocating the time to build up our employees’ skill sets and market knowledge through a thorough training process. At one point in time, all of our Consultants didn’t know how to be a Recruitment Consultant. Learn from the best!

“It’s all about the targets.”

UNTRUE. Like many industries, our Consultants are given personal targets, embellished to their abilities so that they have a clear, quantitative goal to work towards and can excel as working individuals. However, to say that it is all about meeting targets, disregarding the quality of our placements, is totally incorrect. We like to make profit, not dissimilar to any other business, but the way in which we make the profit has to be of solid, ethical value. It gives us that warm feeling inside!

“There’s no career or financial progression.”

NU – UH, HONEY. You have quarterly appraisals to evaluate your progress and to discuss what your expectations and desires are. From this, Directors can best advise you as to how you can get to this point in your career and what it is going to take. If anything, Recruitment has one of the fastest promotion rates, in comparison to other employment sectors. Again, if you’re willing to work for it, the world of recruitment is your oyster! As for finance, you have the autonomy to earn as much as you fancy … No Mercedes? No problem!

“Social media has completely changed recruitment.”

TRUE AND FALSE. Social media has modified virtually every aspect of our business and social lives. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, to name a few, have provided a platform upon which recruiters can readily reach candidates in a much broader, faster way than ever before. Nevertheless, recruitment has always been and continues to be about relationships, communication, networking, and hiring the best of the best.

“Everybody is for themselves; nobody really cares about you.”

DON’T BE LUDICROUS. As much as your role can be quite independent, that’s not to say you do not work within both your vertical teams and everybody within dual offices as a whole unit. Here at IT Talent in particular, we strongly encourage for employees to bond and keep an eye out for one another, subsequently leading to confident and accommodated, happy employees! The success of every individual contributes to the overall success of the company, and you feel endorsed by all.

“If I have a bad month, I’ll lose my job.”

NON. We understand that market conditions, tricky clients, external factors and possible skill gaps all can compromise in a Consultant missing their target on occasion. But rather than assume it simply means they are incapable, we favour spending some time assessing what the individual may need to rectify this. For instance, they may require additional coaching or a confidence boost! Providing that you’re willing to maximise your efforts, we are willing to facilitate your potential.


– Shonagh Phillips, Communications Manager