Say It With A Tweet!

14th February 2014 · Kevin Howes


It’s that time of year again; love is in the air, there’s roses everywhere and pink paper hearts swamp supermarket aisles. Whether you think it’s the most romantic day of the year or a commercial nightmare, you simply can’t escape it.

Valentine’s Day the Digital way:

Technological advances have changed the way we live and work, the way we shop and even how we interact socially. Digital is dominating our lives and with over 2000 apps created daily across several mobile platforms, it’s clear that Developers and businesses are effectively cashing in on our growing addiction.

Unsurprisingly there’s been a recent influx of apps designed to help consumers avoid the aftermath of a failed, forgotten or insufficient Valentines. From online gifting to unique date location sourcing, there’s a whole host of apps to help you up the ante with your Valentines planning.

You no longer have to scour the shelves of Clinton’s to find the perfect platform for your syrupy messages. Countless e-card generating apps enable smartphone users to create original, customisable e-cards sent directly into the message box of their loved ones.

Following the huge popularity of Vine and Instagram videos, it’s not surprising that sites like Videogram, a platform which lets you create your own Valentine’s Day themed animations, are an equally popular choice for those who favour the creative and interactive approach.

‘Open table’ and ‘NoWait’ are making waves on the gourmet lovers’ scene. Allowing you to search for nearby restaurants with immediate availability or get yourself on the waiting list with one simple click. If you’re the last minute sort or fall foul to an unforeseen reservation crisis, you won’t be leaving your date disappointed and hungry.

Mobile app usage has now eclipsed the total time spent surfing the web via mobile or tablet devices. Businesses across a variety of sectors are responding to our shifting preferences by investing in mobile solutions for their business offerings. Apple for example provide a free Valentine’s Day gift guide to help tech enthusiasts navigate their way through the latest craze of app gifting.

eCommerce continues to disrupt traditional Valentines shopping. With consumers reaching for their laptops, tablets and even smartphones in  increasing numbers for their next material fix, retailers have no choice but to take serious note of the opportunities eCommerce and mCommerce present for organisations.  As experts in the placement of both mobile developers and eCommerce specialists, we observe first-hand this sharp rise in demand for digital talent. To consistently meet client demand we’re growing our team of digital talent consultants who work within their market focus to provide intelligent solutions to our clients while keeping an attentive eye of the emergence of new technologies to remain ahead of the game.

Interdigital flirting:

Digital is even changing the face of the dating world.  Who needs a wingman when your very own mobile cupid gives you instant matches based on looks, likes and locality?! Tinder (perhaps the most popular of them all) is the hot – or – not swiping sensation app taking the world by storm, and is estimated to have generated  over 100 million matches since its launch last year. This is hardly shocking since it aligns with the preferences of the Twitter and Snapchat generation for succinct communication and immediate satisfaction.

Find yourself on the date from hell? Well there’s an app for that too. Apps like datescape provide users with a fake call or text to your phone to get you out of any awkward situations. Activated through an alarm like setup, there’s even an emergency one-touch activation button in case the situation gets really dire …. And they said romance was dead?!