Technology Jobs for Graduates

5th February 2018 · Kevin Howes

Jobs for Graduates

Technology Jobs for Graduates


Studying IT at university can leave you with a broad variety of career options. Choosing the right path can be difficult, especially when you have not yet experienced working in the industry. Here are some IT jobs that would be suitable for technology Graduates.

Web Designer

As a Web Designer, you are responsible for the creation, design and layout for websites or specific web pages.  Ultimately, someone who has a natural flair for creativity and an excellent attention to detail would be suited for this role.  Being imaginative and observant are crucial skills to be successful.  When applying for this position, recruiters and hiring Managers will always require a portfolio of your design work. Displaying your best work will show your natural capability and skills to be a Web Designer.

Web Designer

QA Analyst

A Quality Assurance Analyst has the responsibility of measuring and testing games, programs and software’s prior to being accessed by the public. Any issues that are found during the testing are communicated back to the project manager to be rectified.  A Quality Assurance Analyst is brought in very early to avoid any problems later on down the process.

IT Consultant

An IT Consultant is responsible for providing technical expertise to external clients. This role can vary from developing and implementing IT systems. The involvement of an IT Consultant at any time on a project will involve designing the system, pitching for a contract after sales support or sometimes managing the project. Therefore, you must have strong communication skills, business, and technical expertise.

Software Developers

The primary role of a Software Developer is to build software solutions using a range of programming languages, development environments and related technologies. The required skills are writing and test-coding and communication to be able to liaise with clients. In addition to the required skills, this position would require a degree in software engineering or computing related aptitude for software development.

Software Developer

IT Support Analyst

The responsibilities for an IT Support Analyst are specific to a product within an organisation or business. Hiring managers are specifically looking for individuals who have excellent communication skills and are good problem solvers. Additionally, it will be expected of you to provide a wide range of technical support, set-up and advice.