The Cycle Diaries: When Four Became Three!

8th October 2013 · Kevin Howes


To continue our support for The Lily Foundation, four of team talent (Kevin, Brian, Dan and James) set themselves the challenge of a gruelling four day cycle ride; starting from Lands End, to as far as they could reach within four days.

On Saturday 28th September, our four do – gooders set off from Lands End, in the dark and against a strong headwind. With enough pedal power to charge a small phone factory and several stops for obligatory caffeine kicks later, our team reached Crediton; completing an impressive 118 miles on their first day. All the more outstanding considering the unfavourable weather conditions, countless punctures and the unfortunate onset of sickness for one of the team.

Five men, a car park and a cosy Winnebago. Day two saw their first stop in Tiverton to amend yet more punctures and squeaky wheels. Due to work commitments and continued sickness, the team made the executive decision to divert the route and cut the trip short by one day.

The group headed to Salisbury, with a brief stop in Yeovil, facing the misfortune of a diesel soaked path resulting in one rider spinning out of control and smashing into a brick wall (hardcore). A roads proved no easier with another being clipped on the elbow by a car wing mirror (ouch)!

Undeterred, the group finally assembled in Salisbury for an eagerly awaited shower and a much deserved rest before the final day.

Fuelled by Haribo and carby drinks, and lit up like Vegas at Christmas, the full team set off in full force for the final day. Cycling from Salisbury to Hungerford via Oxfordshire, they extended their route passing through country roads, challenging hills and testing terrain.

Finally reaching the IT Talent head office in Reading – tired, saddle sore and helmet hair in excess – our riders achieved an impressive 369 miles in their three day challenge!

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