The IT Talent Perspective: What Organisations Can Learn From The Horsemeat Scandal

28th February 2013 · Kevin Howes

As the scandal that hit our headlines, sparked international debate and outraged carnivores all over Europe begins to quieten down, there seem to be two key observations we can take from it:

  1. People don’t like eating horses.
  2.  The substance of consumption itself however isn’t the overarching issue here (although ponies do seem to have significantly better PR than their farmyard counterparts). The central insight seems to be the very fact that consumers were -unknowingly – purchasing one product masquerading as another.

Food fraud or deceptive business practices, nobody likes being missold to.

This raises the important question of customer service and experience and the subsequently growing sentiment amongst consumers of ‘why should we believe what it says on the packet’? Or ‘in whom can we trust’? Where customer: provider relationships are concerned, confidence must be absolute, with transparency across organisational operating systems becoming the imperative.

When things go wrong (and people make mistakes – it happens), customers look for somebody to blame. When the media onslaught began, the offending food suppliers, sellers, regulators and providers in question quickly turned the tables on one another. From a consumer perspective, discovering you’ve unknowingly devoured produce contaminated with equine flesh, with no discernible source accountable doesn’t exactly incite confidence!

Accountability in business – all areas of a business – is the key to success. Clients need to be able to trust in their investments and to achieve this trust organisations need to operate with honesty and integrity. Two years ago we received our APSCo membership. This membership guarantees our commitment to our company core values, of which honesty comes first.

People want value, and not the ‘cutting corners to cut costs’ sort of value. If this pony burger palaver taught us anything it’s that value comes from quality, for us this extends to the quality of our service.  We can ensure that we provide a high value service through investing in our staff and industry technologies through to expanding our business offerings to meet the evolving needs of our clients. At IT Talent we are confident in our ability to provide an effective and value added service for our clients and for our candidates.

It is the role of any good company to listen to customers’ requirements and consistently deliver.  Global meat suppliers or specialist recruitment agency, the importance of meeting customers’ expectations and the fundamentals to achieve these never change.