The Little People Behind our People

8th March 2013 · Kevin Howes

little peeps 1

Meet the IT Talent children. For a peek into our corporate DNA, meet the little people behind our people!

IT Talent started life as one man in a basement and has since expanded into a leading specialist consultancy spanning two offices, with a third opening in a matter of months.

The Real Face of our Professional Service: It’s easy to characterise a company – or in our case recruitment agency – by its profit margins, KPIs or big dogs in sharp suits. But the real face of an organisation should be defined through all areas of the business and the talent nurtured within it.  

By its very nature recruitment is an industry of people. Our business objective is to successfully place candidates in a variety of roles across a multitude of sectors, and we meet our objectives thanks to the talented people we employ.

As clichéd as it may seem (and clichés really have no place here at IT Talent), investing in our staff guarantees this success. At IT Talent, we promote organic company growth, providing diverse avenues of career progression within our organisation to bring out the distinctive talents of our employees. Rejecting the image of single executives, it’s our collective talent that ensures the successful operations of our organisation.

The Human Side of our Business: As an autonomous company we have complete control over our business. Without external pressures we are able to work towards a larger vision and not be distracted by short term profits.  With this focus we uphold a fully inclusive Corporate Social Responsibility programme that is integral to our company culture and core values. From dress up days to sponsored marathons, we empower employees through charitable initiatives. Additionally we look out for the next generation by promoting green schemes and adapting operational procedures to reduce our carbon footprint, adding a human touch to our recruitment processes.

But it’s not all child’s play; every business has a commitment to its clients to deliver a professional and trusted service. Looking behind the external face of our organisation, it is our own talent community who make sure we achieve this. As evidenced in our photos we have a diverse collective of highly skilled staff who are driven to success through their motivations and personal ethics, motivations which reject the stereotypical assumptions so frequently associated with our industry.

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