The Night We Talked Java

21st February 2013 · Kevin Howes

The ability to satisfy our clients guarantees our success, but it is the ability to satisfy our candidates that characterises the integrity of our service.

Last night we sponsored ‘Talk Java’, a networking and knowledge share event featuring presentations from two Java specialists as well as Q&A sessions with expert speakers, an open discussion forum and networking opportunities for attendees.

Created by our resident ‘Java Guru’ Dwaine Greatt, the initial ‘Talk Java’ meetup was set up in response to the requirements of his expanding Java community and as a means to keep updated with the latest industry trends.

Following interest from our candidate community to widen the focus of topics covered we launched ‘Talk IT’ with the aim to address a variety of skill sets across the IT spectrum.

There are several key objectives that any recruitment agency must adhere to in order to be successful: The identification and acquisition of outstanding talent that surpasses the expectations of our clients.  ‘Talk IT’ works to address all of these. It strengthens our commitment to candidate care; providing industry professionals (or aspiring candidates) with specialist knowledge through thought provoking presentations.

It simultaneously facilitates engagement with a wider talent pool. Higher levels of candidate engagement ensure that our consultants are able to provide strong solutions to our clients’ requirements.  Additionally, providing a valuable and memorable experience also helps to engage passive candidates, contributing to a greater number of potential candidates possessing highly sought after skills sets.

As a consultative agency we feel a responsibility to our candidates and the industry in which we operate. All of our consultants specialise in their own vertical markets and ‘Talk IT’ helps to support our market focus approach. The success of last night’s event is hugely encouraging and substantiates our claims as specialists within our industry.

Talk Java 1

Our expert speaker engages the crowd at ‘Talk Java’.

‘Talk IT’ focuses on specialist markets within the IT Industry taking place in London, Reading and soon to be Manchester. It is open to local professionals and enthusiasts across all skill sets and positions, with members of IT Talent in attendance to provide onsite recruitment advice. Watch this space!