My second week at IT Talent

13th November 2017 · Kevin Howes


My second week as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant at IT Talent was great as I continued to gain a deeper understanding of the recruitment process. Through placing candidates in the correct roles, I was able to further develop my knowledge of the market. I continued to work on calling candidates, getting market information and identifying strong candidates that I could put forward for particular roles. I have been given live roles to start working on, which is very exciting as a trainee. Being given this extra responsibility on my second week is reassuring that my team leader felt I was ready to continue my work independently. However, I know if I need help or advice for any reason, everyone is more than happy to guide me along in the right direction.

I have really exceeded my own expectations of how far along in the trainee process I have come this early on from initially starting the Trainee Recruitment Consultant role. I am thrilled with the encouragement from the team and the fact that I am constantly learning new things and immediately putting them into practice. Due to this, I am learning a lot more about this job role quicker than if I was just shadowing Recruitment Consultants. The trust and encouragement from my Managers and Directors only influences me to want to excel their expectations, and achieve the most I possibly can during my trainee process and throughout my future career.

I have really loved stepping up to the challenge and can honestly say I have quickly developed a passion for Recruitment. Upon not being fully aware of Recruitment and its process, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first two weeks as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant at IT Talent. Everyone on the team has made me feel very comfortable and I am settling in really well. I couldn’t ask for a more friendly and helpful team which I am very proud to say I am a part of.


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