Using Recruitment Agencies To Your Advantage

11th February 2015 · Kevin Howes

We understand that job hunting can be strenuous, leaving you feeling like you’ve just thrown your CV into the abyss, waiting to get noticed. (Think Sheryl Crow, trying to churn out a comeback album.) This is why it is so important to make sure that you are visible to the relevant recruitment agencies.

Cheryl Crow

Are you doing all that you can to get noticed online?

If you are a highly skilled IT professional, help us to find you!


Establish a robust online presence:

Most recruitment websites are free so take full advantage of them! LinkedIn, Reed and JobSite are amongst the most popular, but there are several social media avenues that you can also pursue; just ensure that your content upon all is strictly appropriate. In this way, similarly only include a professional photo. I’m sure that your weekend in Newquay was terrific, but no prospective employee wants to see you throwing up next to a kebab van, with a neon tutu swinging around your ankles. Furthermore, put as much information as you can on there. RE: experience, location and what you are looking for. LinkedIn is literally an online CV; this is something people seem to surpass. One way recruiters search for qualified talent on LinkedIn is by typing in keywords that match the skill sets they’re looking for. So, if you want to be acknowledged, you ought to include the same keywords and phrases they’re searching for. Take a look at job descriptions and pull out common buzz words that describe your capabilities. Then, add them to your LinkedIn profile.




Create and maintain a reputable name within your industry:

Conduct all of your placements and working projects respectfully, bearing in mind that referrals from others can go an awfully long way. It can take years to build a reputation and only seconds to damage it!


Is your CV specifically tailored to the role at hand?:

Only include relevant work experience and really hone in on the skills that are going to connect you to the job that you seek. If you are looking more broadly at options, or aren’t entirely sure what you are looking for, still endeavour to include as much personal talent as you can upon your profile to reflect your well – roundedness.


Is it clear upon the combination of your CV and cover letter what you are looking for?:

Further to the above, there may be a few jobs suitable to your qualifications, but you don’t want to appear so broad that have no sense of career direction or what you are trying to accomplish. For example, it’s perfectly okay to vaguely admit to wanting “a more challenging role within the IT sector”, not necessarily pinpointing an exact position, but it would be most unhelpful, to both you and the recruiter, to put that you are interested in a role that constitutes of “Marketing and Harry Potter and IT Development and Teaching and Ecology and Equestrian Psychology.” In this way, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a couple of CVs that are all tailored to different roles, within roughly the same field.


Showcase your skills:

Do you have a portfolio of work, a blog, or any other evidence of what you can do? Include the relevant links in your CV, or simply explain that you are happy to divulge material upon request. The more that a recruiter can see that you’re capable of, the better chance you will have of them being able to sell you accordingly to the right employer. The proof is in the pudding, as ‘they’ say.


Don’t necessarily wait to be approached:

We have LinkedIn accounts, we have a website and we can be located on a variety of social media sites. Approach us if you are interested in a specific role mentioned therein, or want to explore your options further. We don’t bite!


Be active and stay connected:

Supposedly, according to LinkedIn, your level of activity on the site helps determine your likelihood to rank high in search results. Join relevant day industry groups, post content and ask questions to other professionals in your field, as to keep on top of current trends and display proactive enthusiasm. Having more connections and endorsements may also raise your search visibility.


But do remember that good old – fashioned networking is still paramount:

Whilst it is hugely evident that the internet and digital arena is the main source of recruitment in the modern world, that is not to say that it is the only avenue to seek employment. Still attempt to attend relevant events, demonstrate your poise and knowledge, and build long lasting business relationships at any given opportunity. You never quite know who you’re going to bump in to!


– Shonagh Phillips, Communications Manager